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Let Our Construction Accident Defense Attorneys Protect Your Contracting Business

Our work site injury lawyers fight claims by employees

Construction sites can be dangerous workplaces. In fact, one out of five worker deaths in the United States involves construction workers. Every ladder, walkway, platform or rail has the potential to turn into a slip or a fall. However, just because a worker has been injured doesn’t mean you need to pay. The attorneys at Zilske Law Firm S.C. work to minimize your company’s exposure through settlements and third-party claims.

The most common dangers on work sites

Nearly every item, tool or machine on a construction site is capable of causing injury. Workers routinely experience injuries due to falls, falling objects, crushing and exposure to dangerous materials. The most common causes of work site deaths are falls, falling and moving objects, electrocutions, and workers getting caught or stuck in between surfaces. In most cases, Wisconsin law is designed to compensate employees who are injured at work regardless of fault.  Our experienced attorneys can help you identify those claims that should be paid and defend those claims that do not need to be accepted.

Minimizing worker’s comp claim exposure

If your company self-insures or is responsible for making worker’s compensation payments, we can help. Our attorneys work to minimize your payout in worker’s comp claims by challenging the cause of the injury, the severity of the injury and the employee’s inability to work. By using medical experts, we seek to prove that the employee was injured off-the-job, that his injuries are very minor or that he is capable of returning to work. We are often able to convince workers to settle their claim to minimize and finalize your costs.

Bringing third-party claims to compensate your business

If your worker was injured due to the actions or negligence of another contractor, a property owner or some other third party, you may find that you are on the same side of the law. While the law prevents workers from suing their own employer, it does not prevent lawsuits against other people or companies on a construction site. Workers are frequently able to bring negligence claims against other contractors, subcontractors and property owners. The law also lets employers bring third-party claims so that you can be compensated for any money you had to pay an employee through worker’s comp. Our lawyers work with you to help perfect a negligence claim against any party whose actions caused you financial loss.


If one of your employees has been injured in a construction site injury, call us today.

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