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Experienced Worker’s Compensation Lawyers Defend Wisconsin Employers

The Zilske Law Firm S.C. protects clients from spurious claims

The Wisconsin worker’s compensation system was designed to allow employees injured on the job to recover reasonable expenses while injured and enable them to return to work with as little disruption as possible. Some employees whose injuries are not work-related, however, seek compensation for pre-existing conditions or injuries incurred while engaging in hobbies during their off-work hours. These claims place an unfair burden on employers and their insurers. Zilske Law Firm S.C. understands the nuts and bolts of defending worker’s compensation claims and offers the right solutions to protect your company no matter where you are based in Wisconsin.

Skilled legal advocates vigorously defend the interests of insurers and self-insured employers

Whether you are a self-insured employer or a worker’s compensation insurance provider, our firm has the experience to mount a successful defense in your worker’s compensation case. As a former administrative law judge for the Wisconsin Worker’s Compensation Division, founding shareholder Robert Zilske understands the tactics used by claimants’ lawyers, and the firm draws on that knowledge to create the optimum defense strategy for each situation.

Dedicated attorneys defend all types of worker’s compensation claims

Our experienced legal team has successfully defended a wide variety of worker’s compensation claims, handling everything from chronic ailments to catastrophic injuries. Wisconsin worker’s compensation law provides a broad definition of “injuries,” which includes all types of mental or physical harm that can be traced to accidents or diseases suffered in the workplace. Common examples include:

  • Repetitive stress injuries — Repetitive stress injuries fall under the category of occupational disease and generally refer to conditions where bodily functions have deteriorated or been strained over time due to repeated motions or stresses.
  • Construction site accident injuries — It is no secret that construction sites are extremely dangerous, and accidents on site can be severe. Complicating matters are the different companies involved in one project. We defend clients against construction site accident claims in the most cost-efficient manner possible.
  • Physical injuries and mental harm — Claimants may seek compensation for physical injuries such as fractures, hernias and strains, as well as mental harm such as nervous disorders. But when these conditions result from incidents outside the workplace, we provide a vigorous and thorough defense for our clients.

In all cases, we draw on 140 combined years of experience to provide comprehensive legal support so that you can close claims economically and effectively.

Legal counselors manage statute of limitations issues in worker’s compensation cases

Employees injured on the job are supposed to notify their employers as soon as possible, even for a minor injury. However, Wisconsin worker’s compensation rules provide great leeway for employees who fail to meet this obligation. While workers are advised to report injuries immediately, and they are officially required to give notice to employers within 30 days of suffering the injury, the law is sufficiently generous that a worker effectively has six years from an accident or twelve years from the date of injury for a disease to commence litigation.

In addition, other statute of limitations issues may affect a worker’s compensation case. For instance, if an employee stops receiving weekly disability compensation after an accidental injury, the employee has 6 years in which to seek to have the claim reopened. For these reasons and others, it’s important to have a skilled worker’s comp defense attorney on your side.

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Zilske Law Firm S.C. offers high-quality worker’s compensation defense with a cost-effective approach. Since 1995, we have earned a reputation for excellence in protecting the interests of insurers and employers in worker’s comp and related areas of employment law. To find out how we can benefit your firm, call us at 262-796-2400 or contact us online to set up a free consultation.